Wheel Refurbishment, Restoration & Repair

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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
Now the majority of new cars come with alloy wheels as standard, the options available are growing and diamond cut wheels are becoming more a more popular choice.

With this growing market there is an increasing demand for diamond cut wheel repairs at Peterbororough Trim Repairs our wheel lathe is the latest technology for diamond cutting alloy wheels available in the UK. Our wheel turning lathe is seriously the best when it comes to offering our clients alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services.

At Peterborough Trim Repairs we can cut wheels from 14" to 30" in diameter. The process is a simple two part stage process, 1st digitise the wheel, 2nd cut the wheel. We can offer this service usually in a 24 hour turnaround time.

Peterborough Trim Repairs have now installed that latest CNC machine for in-house for refurbishing diamond cut alloy wheels. Enjoy a couple of minutes watching a YouTube minutes video from the manufacture showing this machine in working mode! To view a fasinating video on the Diamond Cutting machine, just click on the red tiangle in the middle of the screenshot at the bottom of this page.

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Please do not confuse our service with that of mobile repairs. Our repairs are either Sprayed & Baked in a low bake oven or are Bead Blasted and Powder Coated.

Alloy Wheels - Pricing
At Peterborough Trim Repairs, wheel repairs are not as expensive as you may first think! Please contact us for a free quote.We even can offer FREE loan wheels when they are available.

Alloy Wheel Straightening
Our 'in-house' service using the latest equipment & technology (above right) is another option, with same day service usually available. We can ususlly fix Bent rims, Flat spots, Losing air and Balance problems.

Kerb Scuffing, etc ...
Generally this is a same day service. Wheels are removed and tyres bead busted. Damage is machined out and metal filled if necessary. The wheel is rubbed down, cleaned and masked. Bare metal is etch primed, then undercoated, rubbed down again, coloured and lacquered. The wheel is then refitted. The finish we produce and achieve is as good as the original and in many cases better! Our paint will shine in years to come unlike many wheel repairs which can go dull and indeed with time flake off easily.

If you have a question or need to know some information that you think we can help you on, please telephone us, Chris or Steve are always happy to give honest advice and free estimates. If you prefer to email us, please click here to go straight to our on-line eForm where you can ask question or send us a photograph of what ideas you may have.