Wheel Care ...

Before you fit your brand new wheels we strongly advise that you do all of the following pre fitting preparation tips:

  • you give them several coats of a good quality car polish, back and front to protect them from road salt, brake dust and general dirt “keying” to the surface.

  • you wash them frequently remembering to hose any loose dirt and grit away then with mildly soapy warm water, which is always the best way to keep your alloy wheels clean.

  • you NEVER, NEVER use any abrasive type cleansers or creams/pastes, electric buffers or wire wool pads to clean your alloy wheels.

  • you where possible please always allow your wheels to cool down completely before you attempt to clean them and ALWAYS avoid car-wash wheel cleaners at all times.

Remember that you have just outlaid your hard earned cash on your nice new set of alloys and they are going to ‘see & feel’ the harshest conditions of just about any part attached to your vehicle!

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